Why Hire Top Water Damage Restoration Companies in Atlanta, GA

If your home has water damage that was caused by a leaky pipe or heavy flooding, a water restoration company can help. Restoration services from leading water damage companies in Atlanta are valuable because the technicians work rapidly when they tackle time-sensitive projects. They also provide excellent advice about mold removal, which keeps families safe throughout the renovation process.

Understanding the Procedures

After the restoration specialists arrive at your home, they will address any standing water first because it’s extremely hazardous. Bacteria is commonly found in standing water, so the specialists will wear proper safety gear to protect themselves.

Throughout the inspection phase, the technicians will use equipment to test how much water has permeated into rugs, walls, and carpeting. You’ll want to stay out of their way during this process since every procedure is time-sensitive.


Water Damage Restoration Services: A Brief Overview

At some point, many Atlanta residential and commercial property owners will find themselves facing water damage. Water damage can transpire as a result of a number of factors, including hailstorm, bursting pipes, and heavy downpour. When this happens, you will need high-quality restoration services that will bring your home or office back to its former condition. There are a wide range of services that water damage specialists can provide you with. Some of them include:


One of the first steps that a company providing water damage restoration in Atlanta, such as Stanley Steemer, will take to restore your property is the assessment. The assessment is important because it enables the technicians to learn how much damage has transpired and where. Once the assessment is complete, the restoration experts can draft an actionable plan with detailed information regarding how to expedite the water removal process.

Air Duct Cleaning Can Help Eliminate Hazardous Breathing Conditions

There are many problems or situations in a homeowner’s residence or in an Atlanta business that may be quite obvious, needing immediate attention. Power outages, appliances or machines breaking down, and like problems are obvious, and need to be fixed right away. Then there are some situations that aren’t so obvious, but if left untended can lead to mounting problems, perhaps getting to hazardous levels, in any home or business environment. One such issue that everyone must address on a regular basis is air duct cleaning.

In the home, air circulates 5-7 times daily through the HVAC heating and cooling system, drawing indoor air to recirculate it. One thing many people don’t realize is that there is a great amount of dust and debris in the air.

Helpful Tips When Dealing With Water Damage to a Home or Business

Water damage in a home or business is never a pleasant experience. While it may seem as though there are a million items that need to be done, there are helpful tips that can enable people to act swiftly. The result can be that a building will receive the help that it needs.

Locating the Source

When there is apparent water damage in your home, one of the first items of business is to locate the source of the problem. While flooding does occur in the Atlanta area on occasion, the fact of the matter is that water damage can be the result of a plumbing issue. During the cold months of winter, water pipes may have the tendency of bursting.

Keep Your Home Safe with the Help of a Home Restoration Companies

There are many good reasons why you want to clean or maintain your home. The most important reason is to have a comfortable and sanitary living space, but other reasons may include maintaining the value of your home and curb appeal. If you have a major emergency, such as a fire or flood, you need to call restoration companies in Atlanta, GA to get your house back to its original condition.

Even without a major emergency, there are parts of your home that need to be inspected by a professional home restoration technician, though, to check for clogged ducts and vents, as well as plumbing leaks and hidden water damage in your floors, ceilings and walls.

Unseen Dangers Lurking: When Do You Need Water Damage Restoration?

Water damage in Atlanta is one of the most dangerous problems a homeowner or commercial space owner can have. The main reason is because it can happen inside walls, under the floor or in the attic and not be noticed for months. During this time, toxic mold grows that may contaminate the indoor air quality, causing health problems to residents.

Source of Water Damage

Flooding is one source of water damage that is obvious and requires expert water removal. Professionals, like Stanley Steemer, have the right tools and equipment to remove the water, clean the area and make it dry and odor-free. They will be able to tell you if your carpet and furniture can be salvaged or needs to be discarded.

Signs of Mold Development and How Water Damage Restoration Can Help

People often worry that the mold growing in their homes is the potentially dangerous version called black mold. When they discover that it is another type of mold, they might feel relief and think that they no longer need to worry. Most common varieties of mold, however, can also leave you dealing with a host of different symptoms and could make members of your family sick, too. If your home has undergone any type of water damage of late, or you’re in an area at risk of potential flooding, learn more about mold development as a consequence of water damage and how water damage restoration can help.