Atlanta Air Duct Cleaning Can Contribute to Safer, Energy–Saving Homes

Dust build-up is common among neglected air ducts. Aside from this, other airborne pollutants such as dirt, animal dander, and pollen are circulated within houses each time the air conditioner or furnace is turned on. These can pose considerable health difficulties to family members who suffer from respiratory ailments and other conditions which are aggravated by contaminated air.

Residents of Atlanta may be especially vulnerable to the ill effects of unmaintained air ducts. The humidity in the area is a year-long fact, peaking during the summer season which gives molds, mildew, fungi, and other microbes ample opportunities to grow. If you detect musty or stale smells in your house or the presence of substantial dust, then it can mean that you need the services of Atlanta air duct cleaning specialists such as Stanley Steemer of Atlanta.


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