Atlanta Water Damage Restoration can Combat Mold Infestation Hazards

Water damage to Atlanta homes can be attributed to many factors aside from flooding. These contributing factors include problems with roofing and the weakening of a basement’s foundation as result of water pooling (finding its way through walls). Because of this, many homes are in need of Atlanta water damage restoration services to make them more conducive to comfortable living.

Aside from weakening the home’s structure, water damage also causes molds infestation, a potential health hazard. Numerous studies have shown that exposure to large amounts of mold may result into health problems such as sore throat, skin and eye irritation, coughing, nasal and sinus congestion, breathing difficulties, and even upper respiratory infections and lung inflammation. The most fatal of these is the Toxic Black Mold, which can ultimately lead to mental impairment, internal organ damage, and hemorrhage.


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