Atlanta Water Damage Restoration May Be Severely Needed in the Future

Water damage in Atlanta isn’t usually caused by flooding; faulty sprinklers, broken water heaters, and burst pipes are often the reason for it. With changes in the climate globally, however, it pays to be ready for water damage, no matter where it may come from. Here are things to keep in mind:

Water damage happens fast.

Water damage could stain furniture and carpeting, and cause wood to swell, within minutes. In less than a day, drywall may begin to soak up the water, most furniture swell or warp, and musty odors become more apparent in the house. Most materials could still be salvaged at this point, with the proper drying techniques. It’s important to contact Atlanta water damage restoration experts, like Stanley Steemer, immediately after the water in the home recedes, or as soon as it becomes possible for such services to enter your home.


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