Call Your Restoration Companies in Atlanta, GA Early to Save On Costs

Water damage often starts with minor problems, until the leak spreads and the damage worsens. The bad news is that most people are unaware they have water damage problems until the situation is bad enough to warrant an expensive repair and restoration. Avoid this by knowing how to detect water damage early, and having it repaired and restored while the problem could still be fixed.

Crumbling Wood – Crumbling and swollen wood are common signs that the wood is exposed to water. If an area of your house has crumbling wood, you can assume that there is water or moisture beneath the floorboards or behind the walls. Inspect the area further and look for signs of stains as well because this can point you to where the situation is worst. Immediately call local restoration companies in Atlanta, GA, have them dry out the area and repair any water damage while the problem is still in its early stages.


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