Dryer Vent Cleaning Must Be Regularly Done for Efficiency and Safety

Some restoration companies in Atlanta, GA also offer cleaning services for dryer vents in homes. The activity is not necessarily “restoration” in the usual sense, but is indeed related to home damages—just more on the prevention side.As a homeowner, why should you care about maintaining the cleanliness of your dryer vent? Well, you may be required by Atlanta laws to periodically have it cleaned, especially if you live in an apartment or condo building. You shouldn’t think that it’s just a requirement, though. Even if you aren’t mandated by the law, you should take care of it for many reasons, primary of which are efficiency and safety.


Common Reasons Why You May Need Water Damage Restoration in the Home

High amounts of precipitation pour down on Atlanta every year. According to WeatherDB, the state of Georgia receives an average rainfall of 50.03 inches annually. Average rainfall in Atlanta is lower but close to that at 49.71 inches. Still, this amount is higher than the national average, which is 39.17 inches.With the amount of rain described above, it might seem that buildings in the city are prone to water damage due to possible flooding. It’s important to note, though, that rain isn’t the only cause of water damage. The Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHS) states that you may need water damage restoration more commonly due to sources from within the home.

Air Duct Cleaning: Are You Breathing Mold Spores Inside Your House?

Every homeowner in Atlanta is familiar with mold and what it does to one’s health, especially if you are allergic to it. Mold presence is pretty easy to detect with the discoloration they cause on surfaces, but they can be hiding where you can’t spot them right away. Leaks or moisture problems can make your ducts a perfect breeding environment for mold and mildew, and that’s the last place you’d want to find them at—you could be breathing in harmful spores without even knowing it. Know the telltale signs of mold in your ducts so you can call for air duct cleaning contractors to rid your house of contamination and improve indoor air quality.

Know What to Do with Water Damage on your Drywall Before it Collapses

One burst pipe, a bathroom accident or a small leak in the roof can weaken the integrity of walls and ceilings in your home, causing them to collapse. This could cause even more damage to the house and put the home’s inhabitants in grave peril. When you suspect that your drywall has seen some significant water damage, don’t hesitate to call in the experts.

Initial Steps to Take before Seeking Help from Water Damage Companies

With homes in the metro Atlanta area being ravaged by thunderstorms since last month, the risk of seeing signs of water damage on your home increases. Whether the storms or floods caused minor or major damage to your home, immediate response on your part is important to avoid further and more serious damage from developing.

Never ignore water damage on your home, as the longer you leave it unattended, the worse it will become and the harder it will be to fix. It may seem daunting at first, but the task of curbing water problems begins with you. Remember these steps you should take after a storm or a flood, before seeking the help of water damage companies.

Effective Water Damage Restoration for Atlanta Homes Damaged by Storms

Though the summer in Atlanta had been generally dry, last month saw thunderstorms moving around the metro area. Severe thunderstorm warnings have been issued by the National Weather Service, warning homeowners to expect heavy rains, lightning, and strong winds that may damage their properties. In fact, fallen trees due to strong winds have been among the serious problems that homeowners in metro Atlanta suburbs had to deal with.

With the weather alternating from pleasantly sunny to treacherously windy and rainy, you have to be prepared for the worst these summer storms can do to your home—in particular, water damage.

Air Duct Cleaning: Why You Need to Have It Done and What it Involves

Most of the time, when Atlanta homeowners are asked about air duct cleaning, their immediate response would be to ask “Why?” It’s an unfortunate truth that ducts and vents are probably among the more ignored parts of the home. This is probably because they’re in the more unnoticed areas of your house: the walls. Plus, people don’t often notice that something is wrong with the air in their home unless the quality has become really bad. However, even slight changes can have a lot of effects on your health and the performance of your HVAC system.

The Benefits

The main benefit that you can get out of duct cleaning is that you’ll have far better air quality. For example, a six-room house can produce over 40 pounds of dust every year on average. This amount can go up or down depending on additional factors like smoking, pets, and overall home cleanliness.