Air Duct Cleaning Can Help Eliminate Hazardous Breathing Conditions

There are many problems or situations in a homeowner’s residence or in an Atlanta business that may be quite obvious, needing immediate attention. Power outages, appliances or machines breaking down, and like problems are obvious, and need to be fixed right away. Then there are some situations that aren’t so obvious, but if left untended can lead to mounting problems, perhaps getting to hazardous levels, in any home or business environment. One such issue that everyone must address on a regular basis is air duct cleaning.

In the home, air circulates 5-7 times daily through the HVAC heating and cooling system, drawing indoor air to recirculate it. One thing many people don’t realize is that there is a great amount of dust and debris in the air.


Air Duct Cleaning: Are You Breathing Mold Spores Inside Your House?

Every homeowner in Atlanta is familiar with mold and what it does to one’s health, especially if you are allergic to it. Mold presence is pretty easy to detect with the discoloration they cause on surfaces, but they can be hiding where you can’t spot them right away. Leaks or moisture problems can make your ducts a perfect breeding environment for mold and mildew, and that’s the last place you’d want to find them at—you could be breathing in harmful spores without even knowing it. Know the telltale signs of mold in your ducts so you can call for air duct cleaning contractors to rid your house of contamination and improve indoor air quality.

Air Duct Cleaning: Why You Need to Have It Done and What it Involves

Most of the time, when Atlanta homeowners are asked about air duct cleaning, their immediate response would be to ask “Why?” It’s an unfortunate truth that ducts and vents are probably among the more ignored parts of the home. This is probably because they’re in the more unnoticed areas of your house: the walls. Plus, people don’t often notice that something is wrong with the air in their home unless the quality has become really bad. However, even slight changes can have a lot of effects on your health and the performance of your HVAC system.

The Benefits

The main benefit that you can get out of duct cleaning is that you’ll have far better air quality. For example, a six-room house can produce over 40 pounds of dust every year on average. This amount can go up or down depending on additional factors like smoking, pets, and overall home cleanliness.

Air Duct Cleaning, Ditching Toxic Products: Improving a Home’s IAQ

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Americans stay indoors about 90 percent of the time, and as safe as the proposition may sound for those who stay indoors, statistics bear that indoor air in people’s may turn out not quite that safe at all. EPA reveals that indoor air can turn out five times more polluted than outside air. These pollutants that circulate in people’s homes today may contain dust allergens, as well as substances like lead, formaldehyde, fire retardants, and radon.
Poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can make you sick so it’s important to maintain air quality in your home. IAQ refers to the quality of the atmosphere inside a building, and broadly encompasses various aspects that make one’s home feel comfortable and the air healthy: temperature, humidity, and the level of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) diffused inside the room.

Atlanta Water Damage Restoration May Be Severely Needed in the Future

Water damage in Atlanta isn’t usually caused by flooding; faulty sprinklers, broken water heaters, and burst pipes are often the reason for it. With changes in the climate globally, however, it pays to be ready for water damage, no matter where it may come from. Here are things to keep in mind:

Water damage happens fast.

Water damage could stain furniture and carpeting, and cause wood to swell, within minutes. In less than a day, drywall may begin to soak up the water, most furniture swell or warp, and musty odors become more apparent in the house. Most materials could still be salvaged at this point, with the proper drying techniques. It’s important to contact Atlanta water damage restoration experts, like Stanley Steemer, immediately after the water in the home recedes, or as soon as it becomes possible for such services to enter your home.

Air Duct Cleaning by Atlanta Professionals: Breathe Better This Summer

People who know duct cleaning in Atlanta like the team at Stanley Steemer take pride in going the whole nine yards for a HVAC ductwork. For a pre-summer cleaning operation, this will involve scouring the entire ductwork of all debris and replacing the filters, then fixing up the furnace system’s blower. You can also task your cleaning crew to work over your carpets and upholstery, as frequent usage and foot traffic tends to store or release spores.

You cannot compromise on the household’s safety. Employing a skilled duct cleaning team this season may help your loved ones enjoy the summer—indoors or outdoors. Make the call now.

How Air Duct Cleaning in Atlanta Homes can Deliver Health Benefits

The main concern that air duct cleaning addresses is indoor quality. Even though some people may not buy into the probability that a dirty air duct can actually affect one’s health, there’s no denying that indoor air pollution becomes an even bigger problem if the HVAC unit and ducts are left unclean.

If the duct system is not properly maintained, the components may get contaminated with pollen or dust particles and other debris. There is also the potential of microbiological growth such as mold and the spores coming from it, which can be released into the home. Air duct cleaning in Atlanta involves cleaning out all the air ducts and ensuring that the air that flows is clean.