Signs of Mold Development and How Water Damage Restoration Can Help

People often worry that the mold growing in their homes is the potentially dangerous version called black mold. When they discover that it is another type of mold, they might feel relief and think that they no longer need to worry. Most common varieties of mold, however, can also leave you dealing with a host of different symptoms and could make members of your family sick, too. If your home has undergone any type of water damage of late, or you’re in an area at risk of potential flooding, learn more about mold development as a consequence of water damage and how water damage restoration can help.


Air Duct Cleaning: Are You Breathing Mold Spores Inside Your House?

Every homeowner in Atlanta is familiar with mold and what it does to one’s health, especially if you are allergic to it. Mold presence is pretty easy to detect with the discoloration they cause on surfaces, but they can be hiding where you can’t spot them right away. Leaks or moisture problems can make your ducts a perfect breeding environment for mold and mildew, and that’s the last place you’d want to find them at—you could be breathing in harmful spores without even knowing it. Know the telltale signs of mold in your ducts so you can call for air duct cleaning contractors to rid your house of contamination and improve indoor air quality.

Atlanta Water Damage Experts: Mold May Make You See Ghosts, Ghouls

Boogeyman in your closet? Ghosts in the attic? It might just be the mold talking.

Researchers at Clarkson University in New York are trying to find a probable link between poor indoor air quality due to mold and psychosis, a mental condition characterized by delusions and hallucinations. Shane Rogers, associate professor of Civil and Environment Engineering, said that “haunted houses” are often prime environments for mold to flourish.

Detecting a Mold Infestation: A Common Atlanta Water Damage Issue

5-year old Caitlin Murray is a healthy, happy little girl who loves creating her own artwork. Little Caitlin was a very lively child until several years later, she got sick and no one could figure out why. According to her mother Jill, Caitlin would experience terrible headaches, throw up for more than a week, and suffer swelling on her face.

Then one day, the answer came. Jill had an inkling that the cause of her daughter’s illness is right inside their home, and she turned out to be right. After descending into the basement, Jill checked inside a crawlspace and had a disturbing discovery: a mold infestation.

Water Damage in Atlanta: Why Prompt Mold Remediation is Important

Since molds thrive in humid areas, it would be wise to check one’s plumbing system regularly to see if there are any leaks. One should also look for areas within the house that are unusually moist. For instance, soggy wallpapers, stained ceilings, and wet floors calls for a thorough inspection from an Atlanta water damage restoration contractor like Stanley Steemer.

The CDC also stresses that prompt action against mold buildup is essential as mold can trigger allergies, skin irritations, and respiratory complications. To manage these health risks, a contractor like Stanley Steemer deploys certified technicians to quickly assess trouble areas, conduct the necessary actions such as proper and systematic drying of the affected surfaces, and thereby mitigate further household damage.